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What's up, Amagi? // JSK

Видео: Amagi Brilliant Park
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Since the moment I started editting I always dreamt of creating opening-like videos, some "original openings" by me using animes I like but also parodying my favorite openings/endings, being Death Note's 2nd opening the one I was more willing to parody, i was just waiting for a series that could have the perfect scenes to make a funny recreation of the opening, and when Amagi Brilliant Park came out I knew this was the anime I was wating for.

My intention was not to create a perfect version of the opening, I was looking forward a comic parody, an analogy if you want to say it that way, and the entertaining absurdness of Amagi characters fit that idea. This was a good exercise, I learned some stuff about AE and edited a genre I'm not used to, this ain't a great piece editing-wise but I'm satisfied with the results (college and health problems again interfering with my editing).

Special thanks to everyone who supported me somehow during the making of this, and a salute to A(kro)ss raiders and my buddies from Iron Team.

Добавлено: 30 апреля 2016, 03:10 | Автор: JSK | Музыка: Maximum the Hormone - What's Up, People?| Конкурс: АКРОСС 2015