You-re falling away // UnlastingDreams

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Автор: UnlastingDreams
Видео: Hunter x Hunter
Музыка: Starset - Dark On Me
Жанр: Drama, Sentimental
Соревнование: АКРОСС 2014
Номинации: Финалист Акросс
Комментарий автора: Friendship is one of the great things about being alive. A lot of people take friendships for granted, never realizing how lucky they are to have them. Friendship is never about the amount you have but the quality of them. As long as you have those very close friends who trust you and enjoys you for you who are, then no one else will matter. Those few true friends are truly worth living for. They see you for who you are; your faults, your flaws, and your good and bad. They are the light that takes you out of your dark tunnel. It hurts much more when they disappear.

I want to thank Bryan (Magicflier) and a few other people I met in this really big chat for their help answering all my questions on what to do. Its my first time in Akross and I wasn't too sure how everything worked. They are the best. <3
Добавлено: 19 февраля 2015, 20:29 Просмотров: 1014
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Комментарии // 2

  1. Kitana // 02 мая 2015, 03:12 # 0
    Для тех кто смотрел аниме… очень классноо!
    1. animechnik // 03 июня 2015, 22:10 # 0