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Nostromo // 1080p YouTube // 1080p
Автор: Nostromo
Видео: Микс
Музыка: zircon feat. Jillian Aversa – Just Hold On (Identity Sequence Version)
Жанр: Character Profile, Dance
Комментарий автора: I spent 3 months on this project. I had something pretty simple in mind when I started but the amount of footage that I managed to collect allowed me to go for a more advanced concept with lip-sync. This video made me use all the editing tricks that I learnt over the years.
I selected MMD videos with Hatsune Miku Append model and Append One Piece by Tda and Re:YaMa*. I’m not really a fan of Miku but this model looks really good and the dance motions from the videos I found were really clean and perfect for editing. I like working with MMD footage and the next step could be to actually learn to how use MMD and do my own videos… if I had time.
Due to the high number of effects and heavy use of nested sequences, the project file got really huge (65MB), even bigger than Auriga. Some parts are constructed over up to 10 video tracks and I had to do intermediate renders to simplify the management of composite effects. I had the pleasure of dealing with about all kinds of bugs and various glitches that Premiere could throw at me. It really slowed me down and could have made me lose everything if I didn’t have several layers of backup. I tried Premiere CC but didn’t like the changes made to the interface and project file compression so I’m still working with cs5.5 for now.
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  1. ddyy // 13 октября 2015, 14:17 # 0
    1. Propoganda // 29 июня 2015, 15:37 # 0
      1. Areden // 26 мая 2015, 16:13 # 0
        мммм вау)
        1. KOTIk // 08 мая 2015, 03:01 # 0
          Очень классное видио!!!
          1. Dragon_Soul // 08 мая 2015, 03:04 # +1
            В графическом плене Nostromo всегда на высоте)