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AKROSS // 720p
Автор: InsanitySupporter
Видео: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Музыка: Ellie Goulding - Figure 8 (Xilent Remix)
Жанр: Character Profile
Соревнование: АКРОСС 2014
Номинации: Финалист Акросс
Комментарий автора: A simple Madoka Magica video.
Not that unique, but college doesn't allow me to edit, this is the first full non-school video that I made since Akross Con 2013.
I tried to merge the tv and the 3rd movie stories with a modestep-raw style. I'm interested a lot about the development of Homura throught the series. When you think about all she has seen and done, you can understand what she does at the end of rebellion,

I wish I could have uploaded this before, but I had some school and health problems, and after that I had family vacations. I hope to be here next year with a better piece, I think I made some improvement since last year's Magico MMV.
Tayo helped me before I decided to edit this (I was kinda outta the way and I needed advice). Centurione was willing to beta-test me, but my vacations didn't helped that (hope she can see this, still). Obviously, special thanks to iKuro, he helped me a lot dealing with my depression and lack of self-confidence meanwhile he beta-tested. And thanks to Esencia de Iris for the poster.

Hope you enjoy this (:
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